April 25th / 9:00am PST

Special 90 minute class brought to you by our multinational power couple Daniele and Richard! Single guys, don't worry, just grab a friend

that's in your 'covid bubble and get ready

to have some fun!


Partnering helps us reconnect and re-balance from the inside as we focus on the outside. We begin to add heart to the traditional yogic union of mind, body, and soul. When you learn to tap into self-love and acceptance, inhibitions simply melt away, and we pave the way to loving others. Self-doubt, body insecurities, and wondering how you are performing or what your partner may be thinking melt away. All you are left with is happiness, sexiness, and an abundance of fabulous times with your partner in and out of the sheets. We can take what we learn together on our mats and use it to inject a new level of love, trust, depth, and openness into our relationships.

NOTE: This is not a Tantric class, and no type of erotic play or stimulation will be performed, demonstrated, or allowed during the class. What happens after, however, is up to you and your partner!