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Robert Rolwing
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thank you Moose for your Sat. yin-yang myofacial release yoga practice/ was great / being 1rst time to this yoga practice of yours,I didn't know you came out of savassna when you wanted/I thought it was a long savassana ,& so I checked and most were gone,lol /I was waiting for you to end the practice and I know I did not fall asleep,lol / I didn't have any sport balls ,so I adjusted and used 2 small towels rolled up/always learning/ thank you again/moose antler/namaste,om shanti shanti🤗😊🙃✨🌟☮️☯️🕉️❤️

Tim Hochradel
Yogi HP
Kam Loi
Chris Chihrin
Chris Chihrin
Jan 13

Yes i was caught by the ending the 1st time too. I just assumed bad country Internet and the video was frozen



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