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my name is Miguel and I am excited to be part of this community. There are so many news, however, I feel right at home. Thank you for helping me find kindness towards my body and embracing my strength.

i am looking forward to further my yoga practice and sweat with you all. The most beautiful part of this journey is embracing our bodies and being naked, growing the comfort. A big thank you for creating this space.

today I embraced listening and finding comfort in letting a quiet voice guide me. My internet was acting up and my connection was not a good one. I didn’t get to see the guided moves. I am thankful and grateful though that I can hear, listen, and let a voice guide me. Thank you @Victor

i would like to share the following:

Often we find ourselves in practice finding breath and flow to surrender, let go, accept, embrace, embody non-attachment, celebrate stillness and movement, or find the coexistence of light and dark or peace in this evolving world. As I reflect in practice, I reflect on the word, homeostasis.

today, our practice allowed us to explore and wonder between the coexistence and regulation of systems, my body and thoughts. Reducing distress, focusing in the inbreath, finding homeostasis and becoming acquainted with regulation of the body, mind, and spirit was a task that I enjoyed.

Naked Warrior Yoga
Michael Mills


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