Meet our newest Instructor!


Shelby splits his time between Los Angeles and Costa Rica, where he’s helping to open a psychedelic retreat center and community, Holos Diamante. He is passionate about creating consciousness-expanding experiences focused on the LBGTQIA+ population, and he regularly co-hosts queer wellness retreats between California and Costa Rica. He is a student on his own path, and wants to walk his path in community with others.

Shelby has been teaching yoga and meditation since 2017 studying with Lorin Roche, author of the Radiance Sutras. Lorin’s tantric philosophy of mediation views ordinary moments (such as the breath, sensations and emotions) as opportunities to connect with the most intimate experiences of life. This tantalizing, delicious perspective on life has helped him find gratitude, beauty, and joy all around, and is a perspective he is thrilled to share. His practices typically include meditation and/or breath work, and focus on offering powerful, flowing movements that connect the mind, body, and breath, and help one drop deeply into the moment.

Brian is a Holistic Movement Coach passionate about discovering the many layers of the body's vast movement potential. He believes that each of us has the ability to unlock precision, depth, and self-awareness through exploring the landscapes of the moving human body. Brian combines his over 700hrs of training in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, and 10 years of movement exploration in contemporary dance, soft acrobatics, bodyweight strength training, and hand-balancing to create a genuine experience of self-discovery and joy for his students in a safe and balanced environment. Over the past 2 years, Brian has focused mainly on practicing and teaching the Movement Flow System. Brian emphasizes balance, strength, mobility, and play in his teachings and practice. He is currently making his way through Europe teaching.

Coco (he/him) is in Costa Rica, from his mountainside farm with his partner and all their animals. He's casual and playful but serious about the potential for growth and transformation through yoga, movement and mindfulness. He especially likes to work with people who want to find self-acceptance, bust out of the box and build confidence. He encourages students to take baby steps outside of their comfort zones in order to try new things and grow whenever they are willing (IE embrace discomfort). His unique style is physical, fluid and just a bit mystical. Most of his classes begin with a slow flow of standing postures and include experimental movements as well as deep releasing stretches. Pranayama, visualization, self-massage and chanting are other techniques he uses to integrate the mind-body and help facilitate a holistically centering and uplifting experience.

Jackson was born and raised in Los Angeles. He completed RYT:200 with a comprehensive training in Yoga Asana, Pranayama, and Philosophy in 2019.  He plays water polo, swims, runs, and hikes, so yoga fit right in. He discovered having increased flexibility, muscular strength, and a greater volume of breath promoted more energy to continue his active lifestyle.


He looks forward to sharing what he knows and promoting safe ways to integrate yoga into the lives of his students.

Richard is a Canadian kinesiologist who is currently based in France.  He has been certified to teach group fitness since 2005. What started as a ‘jobby’ in his local community center soon became a full-time career in 2011. He has since traveled to and trained fitness instructors in over 56 countries.

He integrated yoga into his personal routine as a way to heal his body, unwind his mind and socialize with others. His teaching style combines the traditions of his Ashtanga-Vinyasa certification (RYT-200) with the trending elements of modern mobility to create fun and effective classes. His ultimate goal is to get you moving, sweating and smiling.
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Born in Turin (Italy) Daniele is a dancer, acrobat and aerialist who has worked with the most famous companies around the world. He currently lives in France.
After a knee injury in 2014, he developed a deep, personal interest in Yoga. 

E-RYT since 2018, his teaching is rooted in Ashtanga and Dharma traditions, combining Bikram and Yin influences. Strength and flexibility are the focal points of his practice and teaching style.

He has practiced different styles of Yoga in London, New York, Bali, Stuttgart, Marseille, Miami, Bologna and Turin, with internationally renowned teachers.
Above else, Daniele believes that Yoga is the tool for cultivating UNION between mind, body, and soul in order to uncover the true nature of each human being.


Jeremy began practicing yoga in 2000 and continues to develop his yoga practice in tandem with his dance career. He completed his 200-hour teacher training in 2008 at Global Yoga Center in Chicago and his 300-hour teacher training in Rishikesh, India in 2013.
His teaching philosophy, deeply rooted in the ancient texts, takes an interdisciplinary approach to yoga. The vigorous physical practice builds on Iyengar alignment principles and fluidly integrates information from modern somatic systems for a holistic mind-body experience.
He promotes safe movement with kinesiological cues and provides modifications throughout class as needed.

In 2014, he completed his M.F.A. in Dance at the University of Iowa and is currently an assistant professor at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan. In addition to teaching dance and yoga, his creative research explores cultural sensitive pedagogy in dance. His mission is to provide equitable accesses to movement for all bodies.​
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Victor is the founder of NWY, and has only ever worked with men in his entire yoga career since 2004. He has a fine understanding of the male physique and its capabilities. He began his studies at the Astanga Institute in Rome, Italy, and after he became a teacher, he moved to LA where he discovered a small group of guys who were practicing together naked in an apartment. Victor helped that group grow as studio assistant and instructor, and soon they were holding multiple classes a week in three studios across greater LA. When the opportunity came to be the leader of  Naked Yoga Los Angeles, he took it, and was soon leading guys on retreats from northern California to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. He is married to and business partners with his awesome husband Christopher, who is a Naked Warrior himself!


His class style ranges from restorative/yin, and vinyasa, and will always focus on proper breathing and alignment. His goal is to share with this unique community the powers of yoga: uniting body, mind, and spirit in a way that can only be shared by naked men together.

 From rural Canada near Toronto, Chris joins us to teach our recommended private

1-Om-1 instruction.

Chris began yoga in 2010 at the direction of a western medicine doctor to help with stress associated with a medical issue at the time.    For him, the mat has nurtured discipline and resilience.   Chris feels teaching the guys of NWY is an opportunity to pay-it-forward.  He has maintained his practice through several significant injuries, one which recently involved learning to walk again through surgery, a year of daily rehab, and finding the right yoga practice to see him through. His strength and resiliency have made their way into the empathetic and informed way he teaches.

Chris’ RYT-500 hour yoga teacher training is firmly grounded in postures found in Ashtanga as well as restorative traditions, modified to best suit every guy.  He sees himself as a perpetual student and is pursuing a second non-asana based 500 hour yoga program.   When home, Chris spends lots of time tending 4 acres of gardens and time in the kitchen.  He has taught in Nyons, France; Bangalore, Mysore and Goa in India, and in Zipolite, Mexico.