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CLass passes

(studio below)

ON UNL $110.gif
ON 1 $25.gif
ON 2 $45.gif
ON 5 $110.gif
ON 10 $215.gif



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2 Payment

Order summary

Duration3 months


No transfers allowed. Easily cancel or reschedule a class from the website or app. Contact us, not your credit card or bank provider to request refund. Refunds subject to 15% transaction fee. Class credits must be used within one month. Click 'Submit' only once when making purchase, and then wait for your confirmation. Any duplicate payments made may incur up to 15% fee for transactions to be returned. If you feel you have made a duplicate payment for the same item, contact NWY immediately, NOT PayPal, to process a refund. Does not include workshops or special classes.

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