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Response to Coronavirus

We care about each Naked Warriors health, and continue to follow local and national health officials guidelines.

For the time being, all classes and events have been put on hold. We will resume when it is deemed safe to do so. If you have purchased a class plan or have a credit, those will be honored once classes begin again.

We ask anyone who has any signs or symptoms to stay home.

Staying healthy and maintaining sanitation is the best defense against any virus.

Drink plenty of  warm, not cold water all day long to avoid a dry throat, which can incubate the virus.

The virus lives on porous and non-porous surfaces for a considerable amount of time, so it is highly recommended to wash hands after touching objects, and avoid touching your face. It does not seem to like warm environments.

Contact your doctor, but avoid crowded ERs and clinics if you experience any signs or symptoms of a respiratory problem, especially a sore throat or difficulty breathing.


We know this is a challenging situation, but we are Naked Warriors and will stand together as a community, and we will share more with you if the situation changes.

Namaste Naked!