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  • Ⓞ The Multi-Orgasmic Man

    Instructor: Coach Coco - Virtual Level: ★☆☆☆ ⓄNLINE Coach Coco lives on his jungle farm in Costa Rica with his husband and their many animals. A unique and playful offering that combines creative and expressive flows to invigorate your body and awaken your mind. Self-exploration and self-pleasure techniques will also be practiced, with lingam massage, breathwork, and more. No yoga, fitness or dance experience necessary. Have your favorite lube, massage cream or coconut oil for the self exploration and lingam massage.

  • ⓄⓈ 1-on-1 Yoga One Hour

    Ⓞnline or Ⓢtudio-Same Price for both! Experience the benefits of personalized yoga instruction with NAKED WARRIOR YOGA's 1-on-1 yoga with our talented instructors. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced yogi, we will provide you with personalized attention and instruction to help you deepen your practice and reach your goals. With guidance, you'll develop your practice at your own pace and build strength, flexibility, body positivity and mindfulness. Book your session today and start your journey to feel great Naked! Christopher-Vinyasa (Beginner to Intermediate) Christoph G-Tantra and Vinyasa (Beginner to Advanced) Emmett-Meditation and Vinyasa (Beginner to Intermediate) Moose-Vinyasa, Myofacial Release (Beginner to Intermediate) Rah-Vinyasa (Beginner to Advanced) Victor-Tantra, Vinyasa and Meditation (Beginner to Intermediate) Learn more on the Instructors page Other instructors available by request. Email us at with date and time you would like to request (not bookable directly). You may have to reschedule any appointment that is made with less than 24 hours notice. LA Residents Only-You may also request private instruction at your home for an additional $25. Must be within 10 mile radius of the studio.

  • New! Ⓢ Pole Warriors

    Instructor: VTang All levels welcome Studio Welcome to Pole Warriors, a dynamic and empowering pole dance class exclusively designed for men, led by the seasoned and passionate instructor, VTang. Delve into a transformative experience that celebrates strength, grace, and self-expression through the art of pole dancing. About the Class: Pole Warriors is an all-male pole dance class dedicated to fostering an environment where men can explore the art of pole dancing comfortably and confidently. This class is tailored for beginners and experienced dancers alike, offering a safe space for self-discovery and skill development. What to Expect: Warm-Up: Begin each session with a tailored warm-up routine that focuses on preparing the body for the physical demands of pole dancing while promoting flexibility, strength, and core activation. Skill Development: Whether you're new to pole dancing or have prior experience, VTang provides personalized guidance to improve your skills. From fundamental spins and grips to complex combinations and inversions, the class is crafted to support your individual progress. Choreography: Explore choreographed routines that encompass various dance styles, allowing for self-expression, creativity, and storytelling through movement. VTang's teaching approach encourages confidence and individuality in movement expression. Physical Empowerment: Beyond mastering techniques, Pole encourages confidence-building and the celebration of strength, grace, and masculinity. It's an opportunity to appreciate the physical strength and agility required for pole dance artistry. What to Bring: Comfortable workout attire that allows skin contact with the pole. You're encouraged to wear whatever you're comfortable in that facilitates movement and allows for skin grip on the pole. Please refrain from applying oils or lotions on the skin before the class, as it can affect grip. Join Pole Warriors to discover the strength, grace, and artistry of pole dancing in a supportive environment exclusively for men, guided by VTang's expertise and encouragement. Elevate your confidence, strength, and self-expression in this empowering and engaging pole dance class!

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  • Yogi Aaron

    < Back Yogi Aaron AYAMA Yoga Instructor Yogi Aaron, a pioneering force in the yoga world, is at the forefront of a global revolution. Renowned for igniting the Hot Nude Yoga movement in New York City, his innovation was hailed as an "underground sensation" by Time Out New York. Presently, Yogi Aaron spearheads a rebellion against the detrimental practice of stretching. His pioneering approach to yoga, centered on the activation of muscles through Applied Yoga Anatomy + Muscle Activation™ (AYAMA), is a groundbreaking solution for achieving a pain-free lifestyle—unmatched and unrivaled in its effectiveness. In a landscape where traditional stretching methods dominate pain relief, Yogi Aaron's unconventional methodology offers a safer, enduring alternative—and it isn’t being taught by anyone else! From the serene Blue Osa Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica to his online AYAMA™ Certification Program and The Yogi Club, Yogi Aaron passionately imparts wisdom to students worldwide. His mission? To liberate individuals from pain and empower them to unlock their fullest potential and life purpose. What distinguishes him is not just his profound wisdom but also his infectious humor, audacious spirit, and personal journey of healing. These qualities mark him as a cherished leader within the yoga community. ⓄⓈ AYAMA Book Now

  • Coco

    < Back Coco Yoga Instructor He's casual and playful but serious about the potential for growth and transformation through yoga, movement and mindfulness. He especially likes to work with people who want to find self-acceptance, bust out of the box and build confidence. He encourages students to take baby steps outside of their comfort zones in order to try new things and grow whenever they are willing (IE embrace discomfort). His unique style is physical, fluid and just a bit mystical. Most of his classes begin with a slow flow of standing postures and include experimental movements as well as deep releasing stretches. Pranayama, visualization, self-massage and chanting are other techniques he uses to integrate the mind-body and help facilitate a holistically centering and uplifting experience. Ⓞ RainBro Yoga Book Now Ⓞ The Multi-Orgasmic Man Book Now

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