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  • Naked Tantric Massage-1 Hour

    NO SAME DAY BOOKINGS! Please book at least 24 hours in advance or you may be asked to reschedule. Duration: One hour (up to two hours for intake before and conversation afterward). Studio Only A sensual tantric massage is a deeply intimate experience that focuses on creating a profound connection between the mind, body, and spirit of two people. It is designed to enhance sensuality, pleasure, and spiritual awareness. The environment is carefully curated to foster relaxation and comfort. Breathwork and Connection: Throughout the massage, synchronized breathing is encouraged to deepen the connection between the giver and receiver. This enhances the flow of energy and intensifies the overall experience. Communication and Connection: Clear communication is established between the giver and receiver before the massage begins. Both parties openly express their boundaries, desires, and intentions. The massage starts with a moment of connection. The Massage Ritual: Full Body Massage: The massage begins with slow, rhythmic strokes over the entire body. This initial phase aims to relax the muscles and bring the receiver into a state of profound peace. Energetic Awareness: The giver pays attention to the recipient's energy, using gentle touch to awaken and circulate the body's life force. This may involve light touches, feather-like strokes, and the use of various techniques to heighten sensory perception. Sensual Stimulation: As the massage progresses, the focus turns towards the erogenous zones of the body. The giver employs sensual techniques to arouse and stimulate these areas. Lingam (Penis) Massage: The massage may include special attention to the genital area. Lingam massage is performed with utmost care and reverence. The intention is to channel and spread sexual energy throughout the body rather than focusing solely on orgasm. Aftercare and Integration: After the massage, both individuals take time to rest and integrate the experience. This may involve lying together, gentle touch, or sharing thoughts and feelings. Hydration is encouraged to replenish the body's energy. It's crucial to approach a sensual tantric massage with respect, mindfulness, and consent. The experience is about more than physical pleasure; it aims to create a sacred and transcendent connection between the individuals involved.

  • Ⓢ New! Jockstrap/Gear Speed Dating

    Host/MC: Victor All Members Welcome Studio Only Flirty, fun, and unlike any other way to meet a potential partner, and a great way to get to know your fellow Warriors! Wear your favorite jock, harness, cockring, or whatever you feel like wearing and representing! Refreshments provided during break, and those who want to stay afterward and remove their jockstraps and/or gear are welcome to hang out and play longer with those you've made a connection with. Icebreaker: Kinky Scavenger Hunt or Dirty Charades Speed Round: 2 minute to get to meet each participant. Decide if there is a spark or connection that you would like to carry into Round 2. Second Round: Connect with those that you matched with in the first round for a longer 10 minute date, including playful games, sensual touch/trust exercises, and more. Questions will be on your goals and aspirations. Third Round: ??? Even if you aren't seeking a partner, come join in as we spend an evening with icebreakers, games, and plenty of safe, sexy fun!

  • Ⓢ D!CK Yoga

    Instructor: Victor All levels welcome Studio Only Nothing fancy, just a perfect self-care session of yoga followed by Mindful Masturbation. If you ask us, this is how a man's day should begin and end! This unique experience starts with a simple yoga practice, followed by self-stimulation and sensual expression, including Mindful Masturbation exercises you may have learned in our Tantra, Multi-Orgasmic Man, or Sensual Embodiment sessions, just slightly more relaxed. Connect with your masculine energy and experience a sense of release and freedom. Explore your body (and each others) in a safe and supportive environment. Whether you’re looking to enhance your self-awareness, build intimacy with yourself or a partner, or simply indulge in an exciting experience, D!CK Yoga! is here to playfully guide you on your journey. Cum, er, come join us! Please don't bring your own lube. We supply water-based lube, towels, and everything you will need to have fun!

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  • Naked Warrior Yoga

    YOGA + FITNESS + MEDITATION WEST HOLLYWOOD+ONLINE YOGA + FITNESS + MEDITATION WEST HOLLYWOOD+ONLINE YOGA + FITNESS + MEDITATION WEST HOLLYWOOD+ONLINE TO BE APPROVED YOU MUST SUPPLY YOUR NAME AND DATE OF BIRTH. YOU WILL NOT BECOME A MEMBER, HAVE ACCESS TO CLASSES OR EVENTS, OR RECEIVE NEWSLETTERS WITHOUT BOTH. Many of our classes can be taken at our West Hollywood studio, or anywhere in the world! Whenever you see these symbols together, ⓄⓈ the class is offered as both Ⓞnline and in Ⓢtudio. Some classes may be Ⓞnline only, and some are Ⓢtudio only. ​ ⓈTUDIO: Mats, towels, blocks, straps, UV-filtered water and teas provided free. Parking at metered lot behind building or on Santa Monica (max 3 hours). Avoid Valet spots after 5pm. Free neighborhood street parking until 7pm (ALWAYS double check the signs in WeHo). You will never be on screen if you don't want to. Allow time to park, check in, and greet your fellow Warriors. Please silence your notifications on your phone. Enjoy our (clothed) outdoor patio before or after class. ​ ⓄNLINE*: Cameras on and active participation throughout class, or you will either be moved to the waiting room to fix the issue, or removed for the rest of the class. Be respectful of the instructor and your fellow Warriors. One guest allowed for Monthly Unlimited members only. Get the class link from your Members Portal (clicking on your photo or name above) under "Manage My Bookings" or from the confirmation email. Be ready to join 5 minutes before class begins. Create a nice environment, light a candle, and get naked! *zoom and internet connection required for Online sessions. see our FAQ page for more info. Unlimited monthly memberships do not include additional special workshops, events, or Tantra Group class. featured classes featured classes featured classes ⓄⓈSensual Embodiment Available Online Embark on a journey of self-discovery and pleasure. Read More Loading days... 1 hr 15 min Book Now Explore Plans ⓄⓈ Vayu Vibes Available Online A dynamic and exhilarating asana sequence with an accelerated pace. Read More Loading days... 1 hr Book Now Explore Plans Ⓢ Pole Warriors Redefine Strength & Embrace Grace: Welcome to the heights of masculine... Read More Loading days... 1 hr 30 min Book Now Explore Plans Ⓢ New! Jockstrap/Gear Speed Dating Join us for a night of non-yoga fun! Hosted rounds of 5 minute 1st dat... Read More Loading days... 30 US dollars $30 Book Now Explore Plans Ⓢ D!CK Yoga Back by popular demand! Read More Loading days... 1 hr Book Now Explore Plans YOGA TEACHER TRAINING YOGA TEACHER TRAINING YOGA TEACHER TRAINING begins in October! Reserve your spot now! begins in October! Reserve your spot now! begins in October! Reserve your spot now! NWY 200hr certified teacher training program NWY 200hr certified teacher training program NWY 200hr certified teacher training program NWY LEGACY-TEACHER TRAINING OCT 1-NOV 1 You'll receive YAlliance cert for 200 hr, be a possible NWY instructor... Read More Starts Oct 1 2,500 US dollars $2,500 Loading availability... Book Now


    NWY eGift Card $1 CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE ... Read more Amount $1 Quantity Buy Now

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