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  • Ⓢ Pole Warriors

    Instructor: VTang All levels welcome Studio Welcome to Pole Warriors, a dynamic and empowering pole dance class exclusively designed for men, led by the seasoned and passionate instructor, VTang. Delve into a transformative experience that celebrates strength, grace, and self-expression through the art of pole dancing. About the Class: Pole Warriors is an all-male pole dance class dedicated to fostering an environment where men can explore the art of pole dancing comfortably and confidently. This class is tailored for beginners and experienced dancers alike, offering a safe space for self-discovery and skill development. What to Expect: Warm-Up: Begin each session with a tailored warm-up routine that focuses on preparing the body for the physical demands of pole dancing while promoting flexibility, strength, and core activation. Skill Development: Whether you're new to pole dancing or have prior experience, VTang provides personalized guidance to improve your skills. From fundamental spins and grips to complex combinations and inversions, the class is crafted to support your individual progress. Choreography: Explore choreographed routines that encompass various dance styles, allowing for self-expression, creativity, and storytelling through movement. VTang's teaching approach encourages confidence and individuality in movement expression. Physical Empowerment: Beyond mastering techniques, Pole encourages confidence-building and the celebration of strength, grace, and masculinity. It's an opportunity to appreciate the physical strength and agility required for pole dance artistry. What to Bring: Comfortable workout attire that allows skin contact with the pole. You're encouraged to wear whatever you're comfortable in that facilitates movement and allows for skin grip on the pole. Please refrain from applying oils or lotions on the skin before the class, as it can affect grip. Join Pole Warriors to discover the strength, grace, and artistry of pole dancing in a supportive environment exclusively for men, guided by VTang's expertise and encouragement. Elevate your confidence, strength, and self-expression in this empowering and engaging pole dance class!

  • ⓄⓈ Body Freedom

    Instructor: Nicolas Difficulty: ★★★☆ (Beginners welcome) Ⓞnline and Ⓢtudio This challenging yet accessible class is crafted to meet you wherever you are on your yoga journey. Whether you're a seasoned yogi or just starting you'll be guided through a carefully curated series of poses and exercises that emphasize strength, flexibility, and body awareness. .

  • ⓄⓈ Stripped Down Meditation

    Instructor: Victor Difficulty: All levels welcome ⓄNLINE+ⓈTUDIO Each session begins with a light yoga warm up, just enough to help find stillness during the meditation. Relax and be taken on a guided journey to find peace and healing. Being able to meditate naked gives us the added bonus of connecting with our breath and bodies, reducing distractions. Guys at home- light a candle, turn down the lights, and allow yourself to shut off the noise of the outside world.

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    < Back Victor Owner, Yoga/Meditation,Tantra Instructor Having received his yoga teacher training in Rome, Italy at the Ashtanga Institute, Victor moved to LA in the early 2000s and was introduced to Naked Yoga Los Angeles, and the rest is history. He helped that group grow as much as he could until he was sidelined with a back injury while leading a men's retreat in Sayulita, Mexico. Four surgeries and a mindset change later, Victor continues to teach occasionally, but his main purpose is to bring excellent instructors together, who not only are exceptional yoga and fitness professionals from around the globe, they also understand the importance of why we practice naked, and what it means to be a part of a vital community of like-minded men so unique and special like NWY. ⓄⓈ Stripped Down Meditation Book Now ⓄⓈ 1-on-1 Yoga One Hour Book Now


    Instructors & body workers Victor Owner, Yoga/Meditation,Tantra Instructor Owner and founder of NWY, Victor has been helping men connect body, mind and soul through building a community that honors each individual. Read More Christos Massage His specialty is a blend of thai, myofascial release and swedish massage, to address tension in the back, neck, and shoulders. Chris is also incredibly proficient in deep tissue massage, reflexology, and stretching. Read More Nicolas Yoga Instructor New Class with Nicolas soon! Read More Erik Trujillo Certified Sports Massage Therapist Revitalize with Erik at Naked Warrior Yoga! Sensual techniques meet Thai/Swedish mastery for a unique, tailored experience. Book now for ultimate relaxation! Read More Chris G Tantra, Massage and Yoga Instructor Chris is currently studying Tantric Rituals to expand his understanding of the male body. Read More Coco Yoga Instructor Coco lives in Costa Rica on his mountainside farm with his husband and all their animals. Read More Richard HIIT & Yoga Instructor Canadian kinesiologist who is currently based in France. He has been certified to teach group fitness since 2005. What started as a ‘jobby’ in his local community center Read More Christopher Co-owner & Yoga Instructor Christopher leads our donation-based community class Just Get Naked, as well as the favorite partner class Together. Read More Moose Yoga Instructor Specializes in myofacial release and healing Read More VTang Pole Dance Instructor NWY's premier pole dance instructor! With his background being a mix of diverse experiences – from grooving as a backup dancer to pulling off stunts and unique acts for pop artists like Madonna, Missy Elliot, Destiny’s Child and Paul McCartney. Read More

  • Naked Warrior Yoga

    YOGA + FITNESS + MEDITATION WEST HOLLYWOOD+ONLINE YOGA + FITNESS + MEDITATION WEST HOLLYWOOD+ONLINE YOGA + FITNESS + MEDITATION WEST HOLLYWOOD+ONLINE featured classes this week featured classes this week featured classes this week ⓄⓈ Body Freedom Unleash Your Potential, Embrace the Challenge: Join Nicolas on a journ... Read More Sat 1 hr Book Now Explore Plans ⓄⓈ Stripped Down Meditation Guided meditation to calm the mind and relax the body Read More Wed, Sun 1 hr Book Now Explore Plans Ⓢ Pole Warriors Redefine Strength & Embrace Grace: Welcome to the heights of masculine... Read More Thu 1 hr 30 min Book Now Explore Plans ⓄNLINE + ⓈTUDIO​ ⓄNLINE + ⓈTUDIO​ ⓄNLINE + ⓈTUDIO​ Many of our classes can be taken at our West Hollywood studio, or anywhere in the world! Whenever you see these symbols together, ⓄⓈ the class is offered as both Ⓞnline and in Ⓢtudio. Some classes may be Ⓞnline only, and some are Ⓢtudio only. ​ ⓈTUDIO: Mats, towels, blocks, straps, UV-filtered water and teas provided free. Parking at metered lot behind building or on Santa Monica (max 3 hours). Avoid Valet spots after 5pm. Free neighborhood street parking until 7pm (ALWAYS double check the signs in WeHo). You will never be on screen if you don't want to. Allow time to park, check in, and greet your fellow Warriors. Please silence your notifications on your phone. Enjoy our (clothed) outdoor patio before or after class. ​ ⓄNLINE*: Cameras on and active participation throughout class, or you will either be moved to the waiting room to fix the issue, or removed for the rest of the class. Be respectful of the instructor and your fellow Warriors. One guest allowed for Monthly Unlimited members only. Get the class link from your Members Portal (clicking on your photo or name above) under "Manage My Bookings" or from the confirmation email. Be ready to join 5 minutes before class begins. Create a nice environment, light a candle, and get naked! *zoom and internet connection required for Online sessions. see our FAQ page for more info. Unlimited monthly memberships do not include additional special workshops, events, or Tantra Group class.

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