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Yogi Aaron

AYAMA Yoga Instructor

Yogi Aaron, a pioneering force in the yoga world, is at the forefront of a global revolution. Renowned for igniting the Hot Nude Yoga movement in New York City, his innovation was hailed as an "underground sensation" by Time Out New York.

Presently, Yogi Aaron spearheads a rebellion against the detrimental practice of stretching. His pioneering approach to yoga, centered on the activation of muscles through Applied Yoga Anatomy + Muscle Activation™ (AYAMA), is a groundbreaking solution for achieving a pain-free lifestyle—unmatched and unrivaled in its effectiveness.

In a landscape where traditional stretching methods dominate pain relief, Yogi Aaron's unconventional methodology offers a safer, enduring alternative—and it isn’t being taught by anyone else! 

From the serene Blue Osa Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica to his online AYAMA™ Certification Program and The Yogi Club, Yogi Aaron passionately imparts wisdom to students worldwide. His mission? To liberate individuals from pain and empower them to unlock their fullest potential and life purpose.

What distinguishes him is not just his profound wisdom but also his infectious humor, audacious spirit, and personal journey of healing. These qualities mark him as a cherished leader within the yoga community.

Yogi Aaron
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