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Do I have to be naked?

Yes, that is what we are all about. Freeing ourselves from the restrictive clothing that we wear as armor against the outside world. With us, you are in a safe and judgement-free group.

Do I have to be good at yoga?

We are very welcoming to beginners. Even in our more challenging classes, our teachers provide variations for many levels.

Do I need to bring my own mat?

You are encouraged to purchase your own mat prior to your first class. We also have mats available to rent for $5, and new mats for purchase for $30. This is to help cover the cost of the mats and cleaning them after class. Please let us know when you register for class is you need a mat!

What if I have a hard time paying for class?

We provide package deals that can save you money on classes. We also have limited volunteer opportunities for a greatly reduced price per class. For others who are still unable to attend classes due to financial difficulties, please feel free to speak to us privately, and we can discuss our scholarship program.

What if I get an erection during class?

Our most asked question! Getting a hard-on when surrounded by other naked people is natural. There is no need to hide it-there is nowhere to do so anyway! We encourage all men to focus that sexual energy into their yoga practice, and enjoy the view of the other guys who might have gotten hard, too! And if you don't get hard, that doesn't mean anything, either.

Will I get a 'happy ending' or is there any erotic stimulation in class?

Short answer is No! We offer an occasional Tantra workshop where sexual energy is explored in a personal, intimate, and also group settings. However, that energy is not built up to be released, but rather explored and delayed, through ancient Tantric practices. All of our classes at NWY are meant to be sensual, and we explore touch through our partnering yoga poses.  We stress that our emphasis is on providing a safe space for all to explore the power of yoga through community and personal expression. We hope that members connect, and what happens after class is none of our business!

Where is the studio located? I don't see the address on the website.

You must be an approved member to view the studio address and the full schedule. When you sign up for a class, you will get an email with an address confirmation.

Do you have a teacher training program?

We currently do not, but we are hoping to provide that soon!