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Excellent teachers and a wonderful space! A safe and welcoming community to practice self acceptance and embrace one another. Healing and fun!

Sure love the Sunday night show with Victor. He’s yummy :)

I love the community & brotherhood and the teachers & yogis/thank you/namaste


The  "Massage Workshop: Language of Touch," by Erick are terrific classes. Erik is extremely knowledgeable and a patient, organized teacher. The guys attending are great, friendly and enthusiastic. The Workshops are a unique and wonderful opportunity to learn and practice a very valuable and useful skill for all relationships! Highly recommended.


I’ve taken a couple of Together classes and they’ve been great.


This space is truly a safe and comfortable space to practice your plow poses, wide leg forward folds and happy boyfriends (happy babies) with your hole out and proud. The teachers inspire me, and show me how to deliver expertise and sexiness as a queer yogi on a spiritual path. And I am always learning something new and exciting about myself, and my fellow yogis at NWY.


I have been to over 100+ NWY classes since joining around the pandemic— so you could say I am a frequent flyer with this crew. SUMMARY CONCLUSION: my 50 yo body feels fitter, healthier, and sexier. My back and neck problems have vanished. Muscles have developed laterally, abdominally, and legwise that I never known before. There is a community of like minded brothers. The instructors are top notch. What can I say? A better day is one that includes NWY in it!


Domingo's class is an excellent! Great addition.


I TRULY appreciate that there is a monitor who will end the class for lurkers

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