Flow Yoga I & II

Flow I  is the first stop for men that are looking to learn the foundational poses of yoga with like-minded guys across the world! We explore poses (asanas) through correct alignment, slowing down and connecting 'one breath to one movement'.  The flow comes from joining these postures together, moving seamlessly and gracefully from one to the next, united with breath. Experienced guys will also always learn something new and deepen their practice. 
Flow II builds off of the postures that men learn in Naked Flow I and further focuses on connecting 'one breath to one movement'. We'll explore advanced variations of the postures we've already learned, along with new asanas and insight. As we progress through asanas we also develop more understanding of other yogic principles, philosophy, and mantras. *We recommend that guys new to yoga have attended a few Naked Flow I classes before attending a Naked Flow II class.