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Attends first 3 classesNaked Warrior I

Just finished putting together some really fun and playful new flows and playlists for tomorrow!

If you’re a morning person (or an aspiring one) roll out of bed for Rise and Shine at 6:45 AM (Pacific) and we’ll gently wake up the body then build into some energy building flows with twists and back bends. Everything you need to get supercharged for the day. 😴⚡️🤸🏼‍♀️

At 7PM (Pacific) I’ve put together something to kick off the weekend. Skip happy hour and come get high off the energy we can create together with our breath, bodies and some really fun music. 80% yoga class / 20% party 🕺🪩🧘 Prepare your mind and body for the weekend so you are GLOWING with good vibes that you can share with the people in your life.💕💞

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