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Getting Naked.

This is a journey. Most of us probably didn't start practicing yoga naked, but think about it: as a child, do you remember the feeling of running about without your clothes on, after a bath, feeling giddy and exhilarated by the sensations of your own body as you jumped around? That is similar to the sensations that you get when you first start practicing yoga naked with other guys at NWY. You may come in feeling a bit nervous, perhaps you had to take a few days or weeks to build up the courage to sign up for that first class, but you did. Then getting to class, waiting to put your mat down, when do you take off your clothes, who should you sit by, what if I get a boner. All these thoughts and more are going through your head. And then suddenly, about 30 minutes into class and while you're seeing sweat drip from unexpected places for the first time while holding your sixth down-dog, you realize something: your fears, your anxieties, any hangups you may have had about getting naked are gone, and you are revealing yourself, shedding your armor and becoming vulnerable. And once again, you have feelings of giddiness and exhilaration that are yours to explore! Your body is yours to explore! You may even be startled when you come to the realization that practicing naked together, in an intimate, safe environment has been exactly what you need. This is the place that can help you get further along your path to connect mind+body+spirit+community, and help you connect with others in deeper ways than you thought possible. That is why together we become Naked Warriors. It all starts when you take it off.

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