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Ⓢ Pole Warriors

Redefine Strength & Embrace Grace: Welcome to the heights of masculine elegance!

  • 1 h 30 min

Service Description

Instructor: VTang All levels welcome Studio Welcome to Pole Warriors, a dynamic and empowering pole dance class exclusively designed for men, led by the seasoned and passionate instructor, VTang. Delve into a transformative experience that celebrates strength, grace, and self-expression through the art of pole dancing. About the Class: Pole Warriors is an all-male pole dance class dedicated to fostering an environment where men can explore the art of pole dancing comfortably and confidently. This class is tailored for beginners and experienced dancers alike, offering a safe space for self-discovery and skill development. What to Expect: Warm-Up: Begin each session with a tailored warm-up routine that focuses on preparing the body for the physical demands of pole dancing while promoting flexibility, strength, and core activation. Skill Development: Whether you're new to pole dancing or have prior experience, VTang provides personalized guidance to improve your skills. From fundamental spins and grips to complex combinations and inversions, the class is crafted to support your individual progress. Choreography: Explore choreographed routines that encompass various dance styles, allowing for self-expression, creativity, and storytelling through movement. VTang's teaching approach encourages confidence and individuality in movement expression. Physical Empowerment: Beyond mastering techniques, Pole encourages confidence-building and the celebration of strength, grace, and masculinity. It's an opportunity to appreciate the physical strength and agility required for pole dance artistry. What to Bring: Comfortable workout attire that allows skin contact with the pole. You're encouraged to wear whatever you're comfortable in that facilitates movement and allows for skin grip on the pole. Please refrain from applying oils or lotions on the skin before the class, as it can affect grip. Join Pole Warriors to discover the strength, grace, and artistry of pole dancing in a supportive environment exclusively for men, guided by VTang's expertise and encouragement. Elevate your confidence, strength, and self-expression in this empowering and engaging pole dance class!

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    8206 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046, USA

    ‪(323) 306-2074‬

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