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Co-owner & Yoga/Tantra Instructor

Victor has a fine understanding of the male physique and its capabilities. He began his studies at the Astanga Institute in Rome, Italy, and after he became a teacher, he moved to LA where he discovered a small group of guys who were practicing together naked in an apartment. Victor helped that group grow as studio assistant and instructor, and soon they were holding multiple classes a week in three studios across greater LA. When the opportunity came to be the leader of Naked Yoga Los Angeles, he took it, and was soon leading guys on retreats from northern California, Puerto Vallarta, Costa Rica, and more.

His class style ranges from restorative/yin, and vinyasa, and will always focus on proper breathing and alignment. His goal is to share with this unique community the powers of yoga: uniting body, mind, and spirit in a way that can only be shared by naked men together.

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