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Pole Dance Instructor

I’m absolutely thrilled to be the pole dance instructor here at Naked Warrior Yoga. Let's get to know each other a bit.

My background is a mix of diverse experiences – from grooving as a backup dancer to pulling off stunts and unique acts for pop artists like Madonna, Missy Elliot, Destiny’s Child and Paul McCartney. Beyond the dance floor, I also wear the hat of a Learning & Development specialist in the professional world.

Now, when it comes to pole dancing, it's not just a hobby; it's my passion. I've got some impressive titles under my belt, like being a two-time California gold medalist and a certified instructor through Xpert Pole Fitness. But what really fuels my fire is my dedication to making pole dancing an all-inclusive space, where everyone is welcome, regardless of their background or identity. As an ambassador for X-Pole, I proudly represent the LGBTQ+ community, men, and people of color.

In my classes, we'll focus on building a safe, technique-driven foundation that's all about personal growth. We're not just here to work up a sweat; we're here to build strength, coordination, and self-confidence. You'll see pole dancing is more than just a workout; it's a journey to discover and express your unique self.

I'm eagerly looking forward to creating a supportive and inspiring space where we can grow together. So, let's embrace this exciting journey and make some awesome memories along the way.

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