The only way we can affect change is if people who are not impacted directly by racism do something about it.

We will not have class out of respect and solidarity with the

Black Lives Matter Movement.

Instead, please support the movement by donating directly to them here:

Zoom Classes

The best live-streamed, men-only naked yoga classes, five days a week!

Donation-based classes. Suggested tip amount is $12.

  • Become a member before selecting a class

  • Have a Zoom account​

  • Have your camera ON at all times

  • Stay in frame during the duration of classes

  • Participate in class 

  • Have fun!

" I like the opportunity to get in touch with my body in an environment that celebrates the male form. I appreciate the energy that permeates a body positive space for men that is free from inhibition and shame. Thank you for doing what you're doing… Your classes have been a reminder of how much I used to appreciate having that in my life. Great job!"-San Francisco, CA, USA